Piazzolla Tango
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Piazzolla Tango
Buenos Aires is the land where the roots of Tango were first planted . Piazzolla Tango, located in the historic Guemes Gallery, speaks to the soul of the people of Buenos Aires. Our Gallery responds to lovers of this urban, soulful music from the very beginnings up to the present, revitalized, modernized tango created by the famous Astor Piazzolla. Here at Piazzolla Tango, the visitor can feel the spirit of this city with its harmony, music, and dance, with its expression, and flavor, plus savor the many documented testimonies, friendships and good moments.

General Güemes Gallery
In 1915, the lower level of the General Guemes Gallery was christened, 3,000 square meters, that now houses Tango and Art. One of the most sophisticated places in Buenos Aires has waited for over 90 years to find, at last, its true kismet ... Piazzolla Tango a truly amazing Show and Art Center.

Astor Piazzolla Theatre
The Astor Piazzolla Theatre is one of most significant theatres in the world. It is also a restaurant which provides an evening of fine dining, specially prepared, with selective wines, followed by a captivating, unforgettable show. The antique balconies provide sufficient privacy to watch a show arranged by some of the finest tango artists in the world. Our Theatre Show can be enjoyed excluding the dinner. This spectacular room provides a place for guests to enjoy, to look, to be seen. Visitors from every country who love music and good taste will gather here. The Theatre is appropriate for private meeting and parties.



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