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The show of tango most luxurious of the Buenos Aires’ night.

Orientated to the most demanding clients with all the services of a night of luxury. An unique place because of its architecture, decoration and its french style, evoking the 30’s.

Its exclusive bar of Carrara's marble and its details of refinement, made of Gala Tango the place most distinguished of Buenos Aires. From the moment the passanger takes the first contact with the Gala Tango till the last part of the show, the client will feel like he/she is in a different place and will live a real experience.

Gala Tango has a transportation servicce in private cars of high quality. When the guests arrive, we offer them a drink as welcome and a class of tango in which they will learn the first steps with our couples of dance. Then they will be delighted with the best of our international kitchen with a great variety of entree and main course accompanied by wines of one of the most exclusive Warehouses of the Argentina.

A Show of Tango and elegant Folklore, warm and refined are words that define us as the most exclusive place of Buenos Aires.

Gala Tango Menú

Hot Entrees

Chorizo Criollo
Wrapped in country bread.

Cream Soup
Glazed baby onions and grouyer bruschetta.

Empanadas Selection

  1. Veal and pork knife – diced.
  2. Patagonic Lamb.


Cold Entrees

Beef Carpaccio
Balsamic and olive emulsion with parmesan cheese.
Salmon Carpaccio
Chalotte Vinagrette and arugula bouquete
Green Fresh Salad
Mexed greens, arugula, radicchio, spinach, poched egg and croutons.

 Chef´s suggestions

Gala degustation
Sliced veal with fish sauce, anchovies and hard bolided egg.

Pinapple glazed ham and angel hair


Main Course

Filet Mignon
Flamed on cognac and blak pepper with cream potatoes.

Cordero Patagonico (Lamb)
Mixed herbs croute with potatos, sweet potatoes, carrots and baby onions (on rosmery).

Spaghetti Nero di Sepia
Cream of shimps and concase of tomato.

White Fish
Accompanied with potatoe cream, spnach, fresh tomatoes and basil.

Ravioles of Salmon and Mascarpone
Whith basilico pomodoro sauce.

Rib eye steak
Cooked in its juice with zucchini filo dough.

Chef´s suggestions

Rabbit Confit
Whit olives, mushroom and vegetables graten.



Dulce Gala
Over italian meringue, sauce and wild fruits and american ice cream.

Parfait of Dulce de Leche
With white chocolate ice cream and orange sauce.

Marquisse of Chocolate
With sauce of mint and accompanied by red fruits.

Cocktail of Fruit
Sliced fresh fruits.

Caramed and american ice cream, sparkled almonds and nuts, covered with chocolate.

Chef´s suggestions

Gala Mil Hojas
Traditional argentine dessert with dulce de leche on a bed of honey and a hint of orange.

Sliced fresh fruits.


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