El Querandi Tango Show
Dinner - Show
USD 68.00
Dinner - Show Vip Private Transfer included - Spanish Driver
USD 149.00
Dinner Show - Transfers from Palermo
USD 68.00
Show Only
USD 41.00


It is the music of Buenos Aires par excellence. Its origins are traced back to 1880 and its birthplace where the slums, inhabited by Italian and Spanish immigrants, Africans and “gauchos”. From this racial mix appeared the “compadritos” (small-time hoods) who tried to reflect in their music, their letters and their dance the typical “cuchilleros” (knife fighters) duel characteristic of their social ambiance. Their music appears as a mix of Cuban and Spanish rhythms, some polka and a bit of African music. Their lyrics, difficult to be understood and impossible to be translated, are deeply poetic and have a story to tell about the city, its history and its people.

Despite its humble origins, in the 20's tango left the brothels and the underworld districts to reach the high-class ballrooms, but to do so it had to travel to Paris to return triumphant. Typical characteristics of a society that has always looked at Europe for its models. Tango became, at last, a complete cultural expression, a gathering of myths, values, traditions and aspirations. For some people just representative of a past epoch, but in fact, tango is felt in the air of the city, as humidity.

Tango is still alive. A good way of penetrating its spirit is visiting one of the restaurants that offers tango shows of an excellent level, to enjoy tango's sensual magnetism taken to the stage by some of the best dancers, singers and musicians in Buenos Aires.

Dinner at El Querandi will introduce you to the famous beef and delicious wines of Argentina. This will be followed by a spectacular presentation of the acclaimed popular and sensuous Tango, performed by the world's best.

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Dinner – Show

Main dish
Non alcoholic beberages
House wine – Finca Flichmann

Transfers ( Hotel Pick up: 20hs – 20:30hs)
Show (1:15hs)


Only Show

Non alcoholic beberages
House wine – Finca Flichmann

Transfers ( Hotel Pick up: 21:30hs)
Show (1:15hs)


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