Train to the End of The Wourld

Tren al Fin del Mundo

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The wild and harmonious nature constitutes an irresistible attraction to enjoy a unique landscape unaltered by men.

Buses that transport tourists along an 8 kilometers trip to "End of the World" Station, head of the "Fuegian Southern Railway" depart from Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego province. This statioin is a privileged spot, surrounded by mountains, at the verge of River Pipo.

Its architecture has followed the typical style of Ushuaia, wood and roofs that slope so as to ease the detaching of the snow.

The Station counts with all the facilities: a wide waiting room, snack bar, café and post office, boutiques, all necessary sanitary services and phones for national and international calls. The waiting rooms end in a long covered platform that protects the passengers as they walk by the train. This station is the departing point of each steam locomotive. All the coaches have heating and wide windows that allow the passenger to enjoy the view as the train runs to Park Station, located in the "Tierra del Fuego" National Park.

Tren al Fin del Mundo

The departure of the train is tolled by a bronze bell, original from the Southern Buenos Aires Railway. The guard explains (in both English and Spanish) a bit of history because the path was used to transport convicts, and this is the reason why this train is know as "The Prison Train". Tourists enjoy the beauty of the National Park of Tierra del Fuego, and they feel the pleasure of traveling in a train that belongs to the golden epoch of railways.