Museum of the End of the World

Museum of the end of the End of the World

A building, formerly occupied by the local branch of the Banco de la Nación Argentina, located on the corner of Maipu Av. And Rivadavia St. Ushuaia, was chosen to lodge the Museo del Fin del Mundo. On January 17th 1979 the Fuegian Government acknowledge HANIS as an advising and cooperation entity. Since then, Hanis, a non profit civil association, became the natural channel for the participation of local citizens in the activities of a Government Department; the Museum. On May 19th 1979 the Museo del Fin del Mundo opened its doors.

Room 1: This room is devoted to the aboriginal groups of Tierra del Fuego and to the first voyagers that arrived into the island. Its content includes some of the most important items of the Museum's historical collection. The most significant one is, no doubt, the figurehead of the Duchess of Albany. The Duchess of Albany was an English vessel that sank in the coasts of Tierra del Fuego in 1883.

Room 2: The Grocery Stores (Almacén de Ramos Generales) were the most important trading points in the city. There, everything was sold: food, clothes, musical instruments, books, etc. The importance of the men and women in charge of the "Almacen de Ramos Generales" has been unseen by the historians. They were confidants, moneylenders and friends. They did not only provide for the needs of everyday life but they also played a major role in all the events that occured in the city.

Room 3: On September 15th 1902 with all the pomp and solemnity of that time, the keystone of the "Prison and Jail for residivists" was placed. The building, which is now occupied by the Base Naval Ushuaia (Navy Base of Ushuaia), can by visited and is one of the most important historical landmarks of the city. The Museum guards a large collection of items used by prisoners anj jailers (e.g. original uniforms). There are also pieces made by the prisoners as cigar boxes, sewing baskets, penholders and walking sticks.

Room 4: This is the largest exhibited collection of birds from Tierra del Fuego. The promenade is encircled by the sounds and the songs of the birds. It includes more than 180 different species.

Library: The library of the Museo del Fin del Mundo stores more than 3400 volumes devoted to a large variety of subjects, although most of them are related to the ethnography, history and nature of Tierra del Fuego. One of the best most valuable tresures of the Library is the "Colección Reservada", which is kept in the the security vault of the institution. The "Colección Reservada" is composed by First Edition books writen between the 16th and 19th century by several of the most important voyagers, scientists and explorers that came to Tierra del Fuego.