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Area: 21.571 Km2

Population: 101.079 habitantes (Censo 2001).

Capital City: Ushuaia.

Main Cities: Ushuaia ,Río Grande, Tolhuin

Tierra del Fuego It is the most austral province of Argentina.

It includes half of the Land island of the Fire, as well as the States island. It is separated of the rest of the country by the Straits of Magallanes, and its capital city is Ushuaia, considered the southermost city of the world.

The island got its name from the Portuguese navigator Magallanes, who sailed through the namedStraits, and observeed flames on the coast.

The original inhabitants of the island, the Onas, have unfortunately desappeared, after being persecuted and exterminated by the conquerors.

The North zone of the territory is formed by a plain waved with good quality of grass. The southern zone has several mountainous cords covered by coihue, lenga, ñire and calafate forests.


Weather Forecast for Ushuaia

Weather Condition in Ushuaia

Ushuaia seen from Beagle Channel

The weather in Tierra del Fuego is extremely unstable at any season of the year, changing completely from one day to another or even during the same day. It is not as severe as people think, since mountains and the sea attenuate winds and the temperature.

In summer, particularly in January, the average temperature is 9.6 C° at night and it may rise to 18 C° during the day. The lowest temperatures are registered in winter (end of July / beginning of August) with an average of 1 C°. Autumn and spring are considerably unstable as regards the weather.

Due to its proximity to the south pole and the variations of the January solstice, a peculiar characteristic of the island is that in the summer sunlight may last seventeen hours and a half hours (January) whereas in winter (July), it may last only seven or eight hours, even when days are clear and bright.

Tierra del Fuego, alike the rest of Patagonia, is an area of strong winds from western quadrant. Between August and September they become stronger, generally weakening during the rest of the year.

In summer, you can carry out exciting activities such as trekking, horse-riding, mountain biking, sport fishing and the most fascinating trips along the Beagle Channel, or even to the Antarctic.

In winter, the snow-covered landscape changes its appearance. Days are usually clear and bright. There are several winter sport centers where you can go cross-country skiing or you can practice Alpine skiing at Mt Castor tracks.


Tierra del Fuego it is an attraction on itself but Ushuaia being the southernmost city on earth get most of the attention.

Tourists should also visit The Train of the End of the World and Tierra del Fuego National Park.

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Tierra del Fuego National Park

Train of the End of the World


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