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Area: 133.007 Km2

Population: 3.000.701 habitantes (Censo 2001).

Capital City: Santa Fe - 369 589 (Censo 2001).

Main Cities: Rosario City, Santa Fe, Esperanza, Sunchales, Villa Constitución, Rafaela, Santo Tomé, Venado Tuerto, Rufino, Firmat, Casilda, Arroyo Seco, Carcaraña, Cañada de Gómez, Pérez, Granadero Baigorria, Fray Luis Beltrán, San Lorenzo, Villa Gobernador Gálvez, San Jorge, Gálvez, San Justo, Reconquista.

The province of Santa Fe is bounded by the province of Chaco on the north; the provinces of Corrientes and Entre Ríos on the east; the province of Buenos Aires on the south; and the provinces of Córdoba and Santiago del Estero on the west.

It has an area of 133,007 square kilometers (3.5% of the country total), encompassed in an area of fertile lands, basically devoted to agriculture and animal husbandry, having also high industrial development. The favorable location of the province in relation to the domestic markets, as well as its modern and dynamic ports, are advantageous for the development of those activities.

The terrain is plain, with altitudes ranging from 33 feet to 410 feet, above sea level. The 720 km of Santa Fe’s north-south longitude comprise a variety of climates, ranging between temperate and subtropical, the Chaco plains in the north, and the pampas, in the south.

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This province, the capital having the same name, is divided into 19 departments with separate political and administrative powers.

Annual growth rate is 12‰, while density amounts to 21 inhabitants per square kilometer. Urban population comes up to 87%. (1991).

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Tourist attractiveness is chiefly based on the San Francisco Monastery in Santa Fe City. Rosario City is an attraction on itself.