Train to the Clouds

Viaducto La Polvorilla. Train to the Clouds

This is one of the three highest railroads in the world. It seems to be hanging from the giddy mountains, the visitor feels as if he were hanging from the clouds. The train takes its way across some of the region´s most spectacular scenery, like the amazing landscape with its high picks.

During the season from April to October, the train leaves Salta City every Saturday for its zig-zagged trip of 217 km. The train passes by San Antonio de los Cobres and climbs almost 4200 metres above sea level at La Polvorilla Viaduct. During the 15 hours of the total journey, this train provides a buffet-car, a medical ward, audio sound, video, folk groups and bilingual touristic guides.

Due to its magnificent landscape, to the translucent clarity of the intense blue of the sky and because over the years "Train to the Clouds" has become one of the most important railroads built in the first half of XX century, it is one of the most important touristic attractions in Argentina.

It has a route of 217 kilometers, with a duration of almost fifteen hours roundtrip. It crosses 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 "rollers" and 2 zigzags. Part of the city of Salta, the lowest point, and from it initiates the way of climbing to full stop of the route there, the viaduct La Polvorilla, the most elevated of all the line of the train. In the different stations the inhabitants from the towns have colorful positions with crafts, regional clothes and products to acquire as a remember of the interesting trip. The train counts with services such as restaurant car, panoramic car, folkloric spectacles, medical, audio doctor's office, bilingual video and guides.

Puna Area.

Capacity: 640 pasajeros.

Speed: 35 km/h promedio.

Stations: Total 21: Salta City, Alvarado, Cerrillos, Rosario de Lerna, Campo Quijano, V. Toledo, El Alisal, Chorrillos, Ingeniero Maury, Gobernador Solá, P. De Tastil, Tacuara, Meseta, Diego de Almagro, Incahuasi, Cachinal, Muñano, Los Patos, San Antonio de los Cobres, Mina Concordia y La Polvorilla.

Office: Caseros 431 (4400) Salta Capital - Argentina

Information: Tel: +54 387 4314984 / Fax: +54 387 4316174