Salta Province Coat of Arms

Salta Province Coat of Arms

Geografical Location

Salta Province Map

Area: 154.775 Km2

Population: 1.079.051 habitantes (Censo 2001).

Capital City: Salta City - 462.051 habitantes (Censo 2001).

Main Cities: Salta City, Tartagal, Cafayate, San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, Rosario de Lerma, General Güemes, San José de Metán.

The province of Salta, situated in the northwestern region of Argentina, is bounded by the province of Jujuy and the Republic of Bolivia, on the north; the Republic of Paraguay and the provinces of Formosa and Chaco, on the east; the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Tucumán and Catamarca, on the south; and the province of Jujuy and the Republic of Chile, on the west.

It has an area of 155,488 square kilometers (4.1% of the country total). From the natural and economic points of view different environments can be recognized. The north-center, in the sub-Andean sierras, shows poor economic integration; the Ramal area, with significant industrial crops and oil reserves; the woods of the Salta-Chaco region, which is a thinly populated area; Metán, once devoted to extensive cattle raising, has now joined in the agricultural activity due to the incorporation of irrigation; the Puna area, with mining as the predominant activity; and lastly, the most dynamic area, comprising the fertile central valleys, where agriculture is developed.

In 1992, the primary sector contributed 18% to the value added of the total supply of goods and services. The secondary sector generated 36%, while the remaining 46% of the global economic activity corresponded to the supply of financial, transport and communications, commerce, tourism, and government services.

The structure of Salta’s economy is based on a group of fairly difersified primary activities, including industrial crops (such as tobacco), legumes (different varieties of dry beans), vegetables and citrus fruits (especially grapefruit and orange).

They are supplemented by Pampean productions (soya, animal husbandry), and the production of hydrocarbons and certain minerals. The industrial sector includes the processing of regional raw materials (tobacco, vegetables and fruits).

Salina Grande

Close to Cafayate

Salta City

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Due to Salta’s geographic location, climate is regarded as tropical, average temperatures ranging, in the capital, from 21.5°C/71°F in summer, to 10°C/50°F in winter. Rainfall is more frequent near the mountainous regions, due to the advection of humid air causing more precipitation in summer, and dry winters.

Located at the central Valle del Lerma Valley, the City of Salta has a mild weather with an average annual temperature of 16º C, and a range of rainfalls of about 700 mm a year, mostly during the southern hemisphere's summer.

In the central region, which holds the main tourist attractions, the weather is moderate and dry throughout the year, with an average temperature of around 18º C.

There is the belief that during the southern hemisphere's summer months, conditions get too hot, but this is true only for the Chaco Region, in the northern part of the Province, where there is hardly any tourist activity.

According to the Thornthwaite weather classification, there are 14 defined Climatic Types in the territory of the Province.

Political Organization and Demographic Structure:

This province, whose capital has the same name, is divided into 23 departments, with separate political and administrative powers.

Annual average growth rate is 25.7‰, while density amounts to 5.6 inhabitants per square kilometer. Urban population comes up to 83%. (2001).

Seclantás Cathedral


Tourist attractiveness is chiefly based on the Train to the Clouds, Baritu National Park, Calchaquies Valley, Salta City, El Rey National Park, Los Candores National Park and Cafayate City (Excellent wine production - Try the white Torrontos).

Places to Visit:

Salta City

Baritu National Park

El Rey National Park

Los Cardones National Park

Train to the Clouds National Park