Nahuel Huapi Lake seen from Cerro López

It is a busy and commercialized city with more than 120.000 inhabitants that holds many tourist attractions that make the city one of the main tourist center of Argentina. Each year more than 700.000 tourists visit the region to enjoy the wonderful possibilities that the combination of the Patagonian desert and the rain forest of the Andes gives.

Only 1,640 kilometers away from the city of Buenos Aires, this tourist city has a hotel and gastronomic infrastructure that was first developed over eight decades ago. Not only is San Carlos de Bariloche a mandatory destination for students on their graduation trip, but it also welcomes visitors from all over the world who enjoy its wonderful landscapes, its tourist services and the facilities of one of the main ski resorts in Argentina: Cerro Catedral.

Tourism, both national and international, is the main economical activity of Bariloche, all year around. The main ski station is the one at Cerro Catedral. During the summer, beautiful beaches such as Playa Bonita and Villa Tacul welcome sun-bathers and some brave lake swimmers (the waters, from melting snow, are always very cold. Lake Nahuel Huapi averages 14 °C in the summertime). The fishing season is another great attraction. Bariloche is the biggest city of a huge Lakes District, and serves as a base for many excursions in the region. Trekking in the mountains, almost completely wild and uninhabited with the exception of a few high-mountain huts, is also a popular activity. The city is also famous for its chocolates.

Fortín Chacabuco Ranch. Not far from Bariloche

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Tours in Bariloche

  • Bariloche Day Hike Experience | Guided Trekkings in Nahuel Huapi National Park

    Bariloche Day Hike experience invites you to explore the best treks and trails of Bariloche and Nahuel Huapi National... [+] Read More

  • Bariloche Discovery Active | Kayaking + Exclusive Picnic Lunch + Hiking

    Bariloche Discovery Active offers you a great outdoor experience in Northern Patagonia & Lake District. Paddle the pr... [+] Read More

  • Lake Crossing: Bariloche to Puerto Varas, Chile
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  • Bariloche Discovery Active Experience: Hiking + Biking + Kayaking
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  • Bariloche Scenic | Circuito Chico + Sightseeing + LLao LLao Park

    Bariloche Scenic is ideal to enjoy a morning or afternoon sightseeing tour in one of the most beautiful natural areas... [+] Read More

  • Optional Upon request - WOW Factor Experiences

    Honeymooners, celebration, family reunions  or special moments are perfect for a Pat... [+] Read More

  • Bariloche Discovery Soft | Soft Hikes + Discovery + Nature

    Bariloche Discovery Soft is perfect to enjoy a morning or afternoon hiking in one of the most beautiful natural areas... [+] Read More

  • Moreno Lake kayaking Adventure | Kayaking + Nature

    Join us for a full-day guided kayak tour in Patagonia Argentina, paddling and circumnavigating Moreno Lake[+] Read More

  • Moreno lake kayaking Experience | Kayaking + Nature + Landscapes

    Experience half-day guided kayak tour in Bariloche Patagonia Argentina, paddling and exploring on the nearby pictures... [+] Read More

  • Villa La Angostura Exclusive | Sightseeing + Gourmet Lunch + Private Yacht + Soft Hikes

    A Unique journey discovering the impressive Lake Nahuel Huapi and “Villa La Angostura” at the foot of Cer... [+] Read More

  • Villa La Angostura Discovery | Sightseeing + Navigation in Catamaran + Soft walks


    A Unique journey discovering the impressive Lake Nahuel Huapi and “Villa La Angostura” at ... [+] Read More

  • Bariloche Scenic + Lake Nahuel Huapi Navigation | Circuito Chico + Sightseeing + Victoria Island & Arrayanes Forest

    Combine Bariloche Scenic (PVT) and Lake Nahuel Huapi navigation (SIB) exploring the most beautiful natural areas arou... [+] Read More

  • Seven Lakes Road Discovery | Scenic Drive + Villa La Angostura & San Martin de los Andes

     Seven Lakes Road is an Icon of Argentina's lake district with scenic drives and impressive vistas of Northern P... [+] Read More

  • Lakes & Mountains | Circuito Grande + Sightseeing + Nature

    A unique journey discovering the impressive Nahuel Huapi National Park Northern area visiting: Villa La Angostura, La... [+] Read More

  • Glaciers & Adventure | Cerro Tronador Discovery + Hiking + Nature

    El programa Glaciares & Aventura recorre uno de los más atractivos paisajes del área Sur del Parque... [+] Read More

  • Rafting Río Manso Experience | Manso Inferior Class II/III

    Experience a vibrant full day Rafting Experience in the Heart of the Andes. Paddle and explore Manso River Valley&nbs... [+] Read More

  • Bariloche Magic MTB | Scenic Mountain bike tour

    Recommended for all levels of bikers, also with Kids, this mountain bike tour combines scenic spots of Nahuel Huapi N... [+] Read More

  • Ranch Day | Leisure & Adventure

    Enjoy a Great “Estancia Day” in a memorable journey within Nahuel Huapi National park. During the day, pl... [+] Read More

  • Estepa Explorer | Sightseeing +Estancia + Soft hike

    Estepa Explorer invites you to discover contrasting landscapes in a unique journey through Patagonian Steppe. Ample n... [+] Read More

  • Fly Fishing adventure | Fishing Tour on Limay River

    Explore Limay River fishing and dreamed Patagonia landscapes in a Fly Fishing adventure surrounded by the most incred... [+] Read More

  • Fly Fishing Experience | Fishing + Discovery

    Explore Limay River fishing and dreaming Patagonia landscapes. Downstream, the river offers great spots for fly fishi... [+] Read More

  • Lake Nahuel Huapi Escapade | Private Yacht Navigation + Appetizers

    Explore in a Private Cruising the Impressive blue deep and pristine waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi in a memorable Day th... [+] Read More

  • Luxury Heli-Adventure | Scenic flight + Rafting + Argentine BBQ + hiking

    Enjoy an exclusive and unique luxury heli-adventure in Bariloche and Argentina's Lake District. Explore from the Air ... [+] Read More

  • Llao Llao Circuit - Half day Trekking
    ... [+] Read More
  • Half Day Mountain Bike
    ... [+] Read More
  • Half Day Floating Cocktail
    ... [+] Read More
  • Stand Up Paddle
    ... [+] Read More
  • Short circuit with vintage car
    ... [+] Read More
  • Island Experience Campestre
    ... [+] Read More
  • Ful Day Exotic Lake
    ... [+] Read More
  • Andes Trail Gourmet
    ... [+] Read More
  • Welcome Hike with Mate tasting
    ... [+] Read More
  • Discover Patagonia
    ... [+] Read More
  • Condor Experience
    ... [+] Read More
  • Cooking with Locals
    ... [+] Read More
  • From the Garden to the Table
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  • Winter Moment
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  • Full day River Fly-fishing
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  • Lake Crossing: Puerto Varas, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina
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  • Lunch at Peulla - Additional service for Lake Crossing
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  • Isla Experience Gourmet
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  • Villa La Angostura

    We head north to Villa la Angostura, a dream tourist village that is located on the shores of Lake N... [+] Read More

  • Bolsón and Puelo Lake

    El Bolsón is located at 129 km from Bariloche. The national route 40 borders the Gutiérrez, Mascardi... [+] Read More

  • San Martín and 7 Lakes

    This excursion invites you to visit one of the most famous routes in Patagonia Argentina, the route of the 7 lakes. T... [+] Read More

  • Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest

    Setting off from Pañuelo Port and after sailing for about an hour, we get to Quetrihué Península where you visit a un... [+] Read More

  • Blest Port and Los Cantaros Waterfalls

    The Lake Nahuel Huapi has seven arms, and Blest is the most important. Sailing its green waters we w... [+] Read More

  • Catedral Hill

    Cerro Catedral is one of the most important ski center in South America. During the winter season it... [+] Read More

  • Short Circuit tour

    This half-day tour allows us to visit the city and its surroundings. Traveling along the southern margin of N... [+] Read More

  • Wine by the lake experience | Soft Adventure + Outdoor Lunch + Nature

    Enjoy a scenic sightseeing tour or Soft hike or a mountain biking ride or a pleasant Kayak outing in Bariloche surrou... [+] Read More

  • Tronador Hill

    This trip will show you one of the most beautiful areas of Nahuel Huapi National Park. You will visi... [+] Read More

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