San Martín de los Andes

Snow in Chapelco Ski Center

Catritre Beach on Laker lake

San Martin de los Andes city is situated in the southwest of Neuquén province, beside the incredible blue Lacar lake. The city was founded in 1898, and nowadays is a well known international tourist center. It population is around 30,000 inhabitants.

The city is surrounded by the Lanín Nat. Park which gets its name from the volcano of the same one (3,776 m). From the center of the city and 20 Km to the east, you can find the Chapelco Skiing Center, with its amazing slopes and the most modern lifts.

Lakes and Beaches

To the south, an following the Seven Lakes route, you can go through one of the most beautiful, wildest and interesting places. There you can enjoy the different combinations of green mountains, deep blue lakes, strong rives, and big water falls. Coming to the last part of the route you will enter the Nahuel Huapí Nat. Park and Villa la Angostura town. Both of them situated on the shore of the Nahuel Huapi lake (560 sq. km).

Quila Quina Beach on Lacar Lake

Chapelco Ski Resort

Places to Visit in Neuquén Province