Limay River

Few km. from Neuquén City

The Limay river starts at the bottom of the Andes Mountains, it the Nahuel Huapi lake.

It is 380 km. long, its runs between Neuquén Province and Río Negro Province and 5 dams have been built on its course to the Atlantic Ocean: Alicura, Piedra del Águila, Pichi Picún Leufu, Chocón and Arroyito. These five power stations produce a high percent of the electricity of the country, while beside Arroyito the only Southamerican heavy water factory has been built.

It is a river of clear and blue water where everyone can swim, fish, navigate or camping on its coast. Its 380 km. are surrounded by different landscapes like the Magic Valley, the Amphitheater or the Dinosaur Valley.

In the eastern region of Neuquén province it meets the Neuquén river and together continue their course to the ocean as the Negro River.

Limay River