Lanín Volcano

Fly fishing close to Lanín Volcano

Lanín Volcano (3,776 m) is situated in the southwest part of Neuquén province, between the Paimún and Tromen lakes. It is surrounded by the National Park of the same name and several lakes being where Huechulafquen is the most important one.

In the Mapuches (the natives of this region) language, its name means "We sink (in ash)".

It is a challenge to both local and foreign climbers, who dream of its exhilarating summit, by its hazarous steep north and south slopes usually covered by a blanket of ice and even snow, depending on the season. Its slopes up to 2000 m.o.s.l, are covered by Pehuen´s (araucaria araucana) forests, trees that can reach more than 70 m, and that just grow up 4 cm each year.

Although it is extinguished, geologically, Lanín is concidered one of the youngest volcanoes of the Andes, and one of the most beautiful mountains of the world.

The beauty of Lanín

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