Auca Mahuida

You can access the Reserve by different ways, the main one being 35 km southeast of Rincon de los Sauces, along PR 6. The Reserve covers a surface of 77 020 hectares, although proposals have been put forward with the aim of redefining its boundaries and expanding its surface.

Guanacos in Auca Mahuida Provincial Reserve- Photo: Museo Municipal Argentino Urquiza

Within Auca Mahuida Reserve there is a large basalt plateau with numerous volcanic cones, of which Auca Mahuida volcano stands out (2258 m). From its top and down to 2000 m above sea level, a series of hills make their way through deep ravines that become smooth, round hills a bit farther, with volcanoes standing out.

Auca Mahuida Provincial Reserve

The most characteristic animal of this protected area is the guanaco, with probably the largest population of Neuquén province. Other big hervivores are: choique, mara –more common in the lowest lands of the Reserve- and chinchillas, which live in the rocky plateaus known locally as bardas. Among the carnivores found in this area, we can mention mountain lions, gray and red foxes, wild cats, ferrets and skunks. The most characteristic bird is the condor, which nests in the high hillsides or cliffs located to the south of this area. This is the easternmost condors’ nesting site of Neuquén province, and one of the easternmost of the country.

Guanacos in Auca Mahuida Provincial Reserve - Photo: Museo Municipal Argentino Urquiza

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