Misiones Province

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Geografical Situation

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Area: 29,801 KM2.

Population: 963,869 (2001).

Capital City: Posadas.

Main Cities: Posadas, Oberá, Apóstoles, El Dorado, Puerto Iguazú, Jardín América y Leandro N. Alem.

The province of Misiones, situated in the Mesopotamian region, is bounded by Brazil, on the north, east and south, and by the province of Corrientes and the Republic of Paraguay, on the west.

Its total area comprises 29,801 square kilometers (0.8% of the national total), dominated by deep rivers, which constitute the provincial hydric borders, providing a markedly mesopotamic characteristic. The terrain is crossed from northeast to southwest by low ranges of sierras.

Steep-sloping lands constitute 70% of the territory, which are unsuitable for agriculture. Only the lands referred to as the «south fields» provide adequate conditions for farming. Misiones, due to its geographic location, is a circulation axle, which enables a fluent integration of goods and population circuits, of both national and international origins.


In 1999, the primary sector of the province contributed 9% to the value added of the total supply of goods and services. The secondary sector generated 38%, while the remaining 53% of the global economic activity corresponded to the supply of financial, transport and communications, commerce, tourism, and government services.

The economy of Misiones is based on a group of industrial crops (mate, tea, tung, tobacco), the natural and implanted forests (basically coniferae) and the agroindustries associated with these primary productions, such as mate mills, tea and tobacco dryers, manufacture of cellulose and paper, and wood products.

Citriculture has gained importance during the last years.

Iguazú Waterfalls

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Climate is subtropical humid with no draught periods at all. Total annual rainfall amounts to 1,700 mm, while average annual temperature is 20°C/68°F.

Political Organization and Demographic Structure:

The province, whose capital city is Posadas, is divided into 17 departments, with separate political and administrative powers. Annual growth rate is 28‰, while density records 27 inhabitants per square kilometer. Urban population comes up to 63%. (2001).

San Ignacio Jesuitics Ruins


Tourist attractiveness is chiefly based on the Iguazú Falls, San Antonio Strict Reserve, the Jesuit missions ruins, and the varied abundance of the provincial forests.

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