Formosa Province

Formosa Province Coat of Arms

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Geografical Situation

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Area: 72.066 Km2

Population: 486.559 habitantes (Censo 2001).

Capital City: Formosa

Main Cities: Formosa, Clorinda, Comandante Fontana, Ingeniero Juárez, Pirané, Espinillo.

The province of Formosa, located in the Chaco region, is bounded by the Republic of Paraguay on the north and east; the province of Chaco, on the south; and the province of Salta, on the west.

Formosa has a total area of 72,066 square kilometers (1.9% of the country total), and its territory is a vast plain, forming part of the extensive Chaco region. Its water courses are the consequence of the climatic variety that affect the province. Two geographic environments can be differentiated: the center-west, showing a poorly drained and highly disintegrated network, and the eastern portion, where the hydrographic system is dense, forming numerous swamps and marshlands. This portion endures periodic, and even simultaneous, floods of several rivers.

Political Organization and Demographic Structure

This province, the capital of which is Formosa, is divided into 9 departments with separate political and administrative powers.

Annual growth rate is 30‰, while density amounts to 5.5 inhabitants per square kilometer. Urban population represents 68%. (1991).

Bañado La Estrella

Black Yacaré

Weather Forecast Formosa City

Weather Conditions in Formosa City

Cruz del Norte / North Cross in Formosa City- Photo: Rodrigo D. C. Aguilera


Climate is hot, recording an average temperature of 22°C/71.6°F, with extreme variations in summer of up to 45°C/113°F. Formosa is subject to scarcity and excess of humidity.

Total annual precipitation in the eastern area is 600 mm.

Economic Structure:

In 1994, the primary sector contributed 28% to the value added of the total supply of goods and services. The secondary sector generated 17%, while the remaining 55% of the global economic activity corresponds to the supply of financial, transport and communications, commerce, and government services.

Formosa'ss main productive activity is cotton raising and ginning. During the last years, rice production has become significant, exported chiefly to Brazil. Cattle ranching is also being developed, and live animals are exported to Paraguay. Off-season horticulture is acquiring considerable importance as well as oil production.

View Formosa City from Paraguay River - Photo: Rodrigo D. C. Aguilera

Formosa City and Paraguay River - Photo: Rodrigo D. C. Aguilera


Tourist attractiveness is chiefly based on the Río Pilcomayo National Park, low hunting and very good fishing in Paraguay river, Bermejo River and Pilcomayo River. Another important natural atraccion is the Formosa Natural Reserve.

Places to Visit:

Río Pilcomayo National Park

Formosa Natural Reserve