Entre Ríos Province

Entre Ríos Province Coat of Arms

Entre Ríos Province Coat of Arms

Geographical Location

Entre Ríos Province Map

Area: 78,781 KM2

Population: 1,156,799 (2001).

Capital City: Paraná.

Main Cities: Paraná, Concordia, Gualeguaychú, Concepción del Uruguay and La Paz.

Entre Ríos Province is situated in the Mesopotamia region. It is bounded by the province of Corrientes on the north; the Republic of Uruguay, on the east; the province of Buenos Aires on the south; and the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, on the west.

It has an area of 78,781 square kilometers (2.1% of the national total). The most dynamic area of the province borders the Uruguay river, and it is reinforced with works of communication by road, such as the bridges Zárate-Brazo Largo, Puerto Unzué-Fray Bentos, Colón-Paysandú, and Concordia-Salto; the last three communicate with Uruguay. The most densely populated area is the one surrounding the capital, Paraná, connected to the capital of the Santa Fe Province by the Hernandarias underwater tunnel.

San José Palace

Paraná City seen from ther River

Political Organization and Demographic Structure:

This province, the capital of which is Paraná, is divided into 16 departments, with separate political and administrative powers.

Average annual growth rate is 11‰, while density is 13 inhabitants per square kilometer. Urban population comes up to 78%. (1991).


Weather in Entre Ríos Province is included in the transition area from subtropical to temperate climates, with abundant rainfall all year round. Total annual precipitation is1,100 mm.

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Weather Condition in Concordia

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Weather Condition in Paraná

Sunset in Esteros del Iberá

Economic Structure:

In 1995, the primary sector, basically made up by agriculture and animal husbandry, contributed 22% to the value added of the total supply of goods and services. The secondary sector generated 26%, mainly agroindustry, while 52% of the global economic activity corresponds to the supply of financial, transport and communications, commerce, tourism, and government services.

Entre Ríos’s economy is based on a Pampean type agroindustry (cereals, oilseeds, meat), the production of rice, fresh citrus fruit (mandarin and orange) and round log lumbering for export, especially eucalyptus. Poultry production is also important, while the most significant industries are rice mills, citrus juices processing, wood manufactures and cold-storage and oils processing plants.


Tourist attractiveness is chiefly based on the El Palmar National Park, Predelta National Park, Palacio San Martín and the Gualeguaychú Carnival.

Places to Visit

El Palmar Nat. Park

Pre Delta Nat. Park