Traslasierra - Córdoba

Mapa de Traslasierra

Wherever nature invites to life and recreation... Wherever the locals and their culture become hospitality for the tourist...

The Valle de Traslasierra is located between the Cumbre de Achala and the Sierra de Comechingones in the east and the Sierra de Pocho in the west.

This area offers its extraordinary atmosphere characterised by its mild climate, pure air, blue skies and the co-existence of large areas of natural vegetation together with cultivation areas at the bottom of the impressive Cerro Champaquí (2,994 metres), the highest peak in the province.

The Sierras Grandes, the Pampa de Achala, the Quebrada del Condorito National Park, provide the experience of the best preserved nature, of great interest for ecotourism, trekking and mountain climbing. This landscape becomes even richer with the presence of rivers, streams and the huge Embalse La Viña (reservoir) where fishing and different water sports can be practised.

The winter snow in Pampa de Achala and Altas Cumbres offers a wonderful and inviting scene. This area is also characterised by the socio-cultural aspect with its traditions and products; black-clay pottery, home-made jam, alfajores (filled biscuits), local wine and the kindest hospitality.

The different towns in the area: Mina Clavero (the most important tourist resort of the region), Cura Brochero, Nono, Villa Las Rosas and Villa Dolores, together with San Javier, Yacanto and La Paz are very well prepared with infrastructure and services for the tourist's enjoyment. .

Nightlife is also good in Traslasierra with a number of confiteri­as, pubs and discotheques.

Nature, culture and cordiality are the key to the identity of the Valle de Traslasierra which is a first-class tourist destination among what Córdoba offers.