Mar Chiquita Cordoba Province

A huge interior sea in the plain... Flamingos, herons and other birds in an incredible wild shelter...

Sunny days and breathtaking sunsets... Located in the north-east of Córdoba Province depressed plain, the Laguna de Mar Chiquita or Mar de Ansenuza is a huge lagoon (6,000 m2) of marked salinity with an easily flooded plain, and the swamps of the river Petri or Dulce which cover an area of 10,000 km2 to the north.

This area offers a great diversity of environments (high coasts, low coasts, swampy ground, beaches), all of which promote a huge variety of birds (specially the pink flamingo) with Chaco forest and saline habitats.

The area has been proclaimed Provincial Natural Reserve and Hemispheric Site of the Organisation of Reserves for Beach Birds.

The town of Miramar, on the south shore of the Laguna, has a specialised centre on mud-balneotherapy.

Natural resources, balneology, recreational activities (environment interpretation, fauna watching, water sports, fishing), make this area a special tourist destination.

Sunset in Mar Chiquita

Del Plata Lagoon

Miramar: This is the main tourist centre of the Mar Chiquita area. Together with the city of Balnearia, they offer the necessary tourist infrastructure for the area (casino, hotels and restaurants).

Laguna del Plata: A sector of this coastal lagoon with its course flowing through a natural depression forming a wide bay known as Laguna del Plata. It is located 10 km. away from La Para and 8 km. away from Marull on provincial road 17. It is an excellent area for pejerrey sport fishing. There are two camping sites in the area.