Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese - La Yumba

Osvaldo Pugliese was born in 1905 in Buenos Aires. He began his musical career as a pianist in the sextet of Paquita Bernado. In 1929 he formed a sextet with Elvino Vardaro and by 1939 had formed his own orchestra.

In 1943 he made his first recordings with Odeon , later with Stentor and Phillips, and traveled widely, including trips to the Soviet Union, China and Japan.

He was extremely well loved and respected by his musicians. When Pugliese was blacklisted his orchestra would leave a single red carnation on the empty keyboard to honour his absence.

Pugliese developed a unique orchestral sound, regularly arranging his own works to feature the bandoneon of Osvaldo Ruggiero, with whom he collaborated for almost three decades (1939-1968).

Their combined skills together with Pugliese´s piano playing and visionary musical intelligence created a music that remains the first choice of many stage and salon tango dancers for its intensity and integrity. "La Yumba" is one of his most famous compositions and was played at his funeral in July 1995.