Northeast Argentina

Satellite Image of Argentinean Northeast

The Argentinian region called Mesopotamia or Northeast in Argentina is an area sorrounded by rivers ( Iguazú, Paraná and Uruguay ) . It coves the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes and Entre Ríos.

It has several beautiful places to visit, being the most important ones El Palmar National Park which preserves the last examples of Yatay palm tress which are almost 800 years old, the Jesuit Missions and the Falls of Iguazú ( impressive waterfalls ). Being the last two considered an protected by the UNESCO, as a part of the Heritage of Humanity.

North of Buenos Aires, between the Río Paraná and the Río Uruguay, the humid agricultural provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, and Misiones form a mix of rolling lowlands, marshes and rounded mountains that stretch north to the Paraguayan and Brazilian borders. On the Paraná’s right bank, Santa Fe is one of the country’s most prosperous provinces, thanks to its fertile alluvial soils, abundant rainfall, and the industrial port city of Rosario—also one of the country’s cultural centers.

The Parana River is one of the world’s great river systems supports two of the continent’s most spectacular attractions: the world-famous Iguazú Falls and the isolated, almost unknown wetlands of the Esteros del Iberá. The region can also boast landmark historical Jesuit missions that extend into Brazil and Paraguay.

Yacireta Dam over Paraná River - Corrientes Province

Road in the jungle - Misiones Province

Beach in Colón City - Entre Ríos Province

Argentinean Northeast Provinces



Entre Ríos