Argentina North

Satellite Image of North Argentina

The northern regions of Argentina are an interesting mix of colonial heritage, incredible natural beauty, agriculture and an indigenous flavour.

Including mainly the provinces of Formosa, Chaco and Santiago del Estero this region is situated close to the paraguayan border.

Spread over a large portion of the country, the Pampas are known as the Gran Chaco in the North, and these plains form the agricultural heartland of Argentina, where gauchos (cowboys) roam and where the country's famous beef comes from. The Gran Chaco is much drier than the central part of the Pampas and is a rich source of tannins and timber.

The subtropical weather is characterized with uniform annual rains in the east (1000 mm annual), while in the rest of the country winter is a dryer season (80 mm). The humity variation results in the jungle vegetacion on one side, and the Chaqueño forest in the other.

Sunset at Paraguay River

Paraná River

Provinces of North Argentina



Santiago del Estero