Tierra del Fuego National Park

The beauty of Tierra del Fuego

Location: It is located in Tierra del Fuego, 11 km west of Ushuaia City.

Surface: It covers a 63.000 hectares surface.

Created: It was created in 1960 through the Law Nº 15.554.

Vegetation: Lenga, guindo, orquídea de Magallanes, michay, helechos, hongos.

Animals: guanaco, red fox, rabbit, rata almizclera, castor canadiense, ostreros del sur, cauquenes blancos, albatros de ceja negra, vapor duck, petrel zambullidor, macá grande or huala, cauquen común, grey head cauquen, black patagonian woodpecker.

Characteristics: The protected area represents the most southern portion of the andino-patagonico forest.

The Patagonic Forest eco-region is characterized by a climate that goes from warm to cold, with snows and winter rains. It has a landscape dominated by high and irregular mountains, with glacier valleys and “semidesiduos” forests.

The landscape of the area is complex and abrupt because of the erosive action of the glacier accumulation process, which doesn't exist nowadays. After much geomorphologic process, the Cordillera de los Andes raised as a group of mountain chains that surrounded a deep forest valleys crossed by rivers and lakes.

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