San Guillermo National Park



Location: is in the north side of San Juan province, in Iglesia Department.

Surface: it covers 150.000 hectares.

Created: created in 1998 in order to protect the biggest concentration of wild “camelidos” of Argentina.

Plants: arbustos achaparrados, margarita (Huarpea andina).

Animals: vicuña, guanaco, suri or ñandú cordillerano, cóndor andino, puma, zorro colorado, two types of small lizard: chelco and cola de piche.

Characteristics: PN San Guillermo (San Guillermo National Park) protects the biggest concentration of wild “camelidos” of Argentina.

With the creation of San Guillermo Provincial Reserve, which one part belongs to the National Park, the “vicuña” population grows a lot.

It is situated inside representative's samples of the Puna and Andes Centrales, there are many demonstrations of the first inhabitants of the Cordillera Central. This Park constituted, with San Guillermo Provincial Reserve, the San Guillermo Biosphere Reserve, a category of international management controlled by “El hombre y la Bioesfera” Project of the United Nations.



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