San Antonio Natural Reserve

Loro Vinoso

Pino Paraná or Curí

Location: is located 336 km from Posadas and 5 from the town of San Antonio in Misiones province.

Created: 1990.

Surface: 600 hectares.

Animals: coludito de los pinos, loro vinoso, atila castaño and bailarín castaño.

Characteristics: RNE San Antonio (San Antonio Natural Strict Reserve) protects the missionary rainforest.

The Reserve protects one of the last wild argentine populations of “pino parana”. This typical conifer is a 30 metres height tree.

San Antonio Reserve, next to Cruce Caballero and De La Araucaria provincial parks, protects the last bastions of theses forests, which were reduced from 210.000 hectares in 1960 to 1.000 hectares nowadays.

Pino Paraná Forest

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