Quebrada del Condorito National Park

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Quebrada del Condorito National Park

Location: It is situated in the west side of Córdoba, in Punilla, Santa Maria and San Alberto departments, covering a part of Achala de la Pampa –between the 1.900 and 2.300 metres height- and nearby gullies over the central Sierras Grandes de Cordoba chain in Córdoba province.

Surface: The area has 150.000 hectares and 37.000 of them are under National Park category.

Created: 1996.

Plants: The predominant vegetation in Pampa de Achala is high grass with isolated “tabaquillo” forests, similar to the typical of the Northwest of Argentina.

Animals: lagarto verde, culebra listada, red wolf and andean cordors.

Characteristics: Quebrada del Condorito that gives the name to the protected area is a deep ravine. From its high edges visitors can observe the andino condors at the same level. This specie, typical of the Mountain chain, has a population that in the last decade shows an important declination because of its slaughter.

PN Quebrada del Condorito (Quebrada del Condorito National Park) belongs to “chaco seco” eco-region, in its “chaco serrano” district. A large plain with soft slope to the east composed this eco-region.The weather is warm and subtropical, with absolute high temperatures. The rains are in summer y varies between 500 and 700 mm.

La Quebrada del Condorito

Quebrada del Condorito

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