Perito Moreno National Park

Burmeister Lake

Belgrano Lake

Location: It is situated in the northwest side of Santa Cruz.

Surface: It covers a 115.000 hectares.

Created: was created in 1937 in order to protect the large richness of the region: “lengas” forests, two lake's systems, a patagonic steppe section, fossils and a varied fauna.

Vegetation: mata torcida, ñire, lenga.

Animals: guanacos, puma, red fox, grey fox, choique or ñandú petiso, pilquín or chinchillón anaranjado, huemul, flamencos, hualas, black neck swan, vapor ducks, cauquenes.

Characteristics: This Park's landscape is surrounded by many hills and mountains arranged from east to west and north to south that constitutes a great natural amphitheatre.

Belongs to forests, patagonic steppes and Altos Andes eco-regions. The last characterizes by a hills and slopes chain on top of Puna's plains. The weather is cold, with permanents snows. The rains of the eco-region vary between 100 and 200 mm. The land is skinny and has an incipient evolution. The vegetation is composed by short bushes and creeping or “en cojin” species.

The Park has three delimited sectors: the steppe, represented by dense “coironales” and examples of “mata torcida”, a transition zone with vegetation composed by “ñire” and “lenga”, and the forest, constituted by “lengas” that localized mostly in seaside zones of Nansen and Azara Lakes.

Pilquín at Perito Moreno National Park

Belgrano Lake

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