Otamendi Natural Reserve

Swamp deer in Otamendi Natural Reserve

Location: It is located in Campana, Buenos Aires, over the riverside of the Parana de las Palmas River, by Ing. Romulo Otamendi city.

Surface: It has a 2.600 hectares surface.

Created: It was created in 1990.

Vegetation: seibos, sauces criollos, canelones, juncos, totoras, pajas bravas, espadañas, repollitos de agua, hunquillos, tala, flechillas and colas de zorro.

Animals: black boyero, black weasel, choca corona rojiza, pava de monte, carpinchos, swamp deers, siete colores, el federal, capuchón escarlata, burritos, gallaretas, ducks, swan, tacuarita azul and misto.

Characteristics: RNE Otamendi (Otamendi Nature Reserve) shows a big variety of natural environment: the “ribereño” scrubland, the “pajonal” and the “pastizal pampeano”.

The Reserve belongs to Delta and Islas del Parana eco-regions, and also has sectors from the Pampa-“pastizal de la Pampa Ondulada”- and from the “espinal” -“talares”-. Delta and Islas del Parana eco-region belong to the inundation valleys from middle and low way of Parana and Paraguay rivers, and also includes the Delta del Parana.

Otamendi Natural Reserve is located in a geological province called “Chacopampeana”, inside the ambient called “Pampa ondulada”. The most outstanding morphological feature are the high and low terraces, both separated by a marcable drop that constituted a “paleoacantilado”.



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