Nahuel Haupi National Park

Lago Nahuel Huapí and Llao Llao Hotel.

Tronador Peak

Location:It is situated in the southwest side on Neuquén and northwest side of Río Negro.

Surface: The area covers a 710.000 hectares surface.

Created: created in 1934.

Plants: coihues are the most representive trees of this area. Close to it grows cipreses, radales, arrayanes, palo santos, ñires, pataguas, hua huán, maqui, caña colihue, michay, calafate, chilco, mutisia, amancay, botellitas.

Animals: chinchillón or ardilla patagónica, andean condor, cormorán imperial, huillín, monito de monte, gato huiña, pudú, tuco-tuco colonial, huemul, foxes, pumas, gavilán ceniciento, halconcito colorado and guanacos.

Characteristics: Nahuel Huapi Nat. Park (Mapuche: nahuel=tiger huapi: island) is situated in the southwest of Neuquén province and northwest of Río Negro. Between the Patagonia plateau and the Andes. It has an area of more than 7,500 sq km. and a big amount of rivers and lakes of different sizes which contains a lot of fish, as: Gutiérrez, Mascardi, Hess, Fonk, Martín and Nahuel Huapi. Being the last one, the biggest and the most important. It is situated in the center of the park and covers an area of 560 sq km., it has its maximum profundity in the Blest zone with 464 m.

The heighest mountains show the limit between Argentina and Chile, where the Tronador (3554) is the heighest. Others important mountains are Catedral (2388) and Bayo (1750). Both of them have been developed as skiing resorts, and have an international level.

The big area of the Nat. Park covers different landscapes rich in plants and animals. From the arid Patagonia plateau, with its hard shrubs and guanacos, ñandues, and the patagonian hare. To the Valdivian jungle and the subantartic forest with its amazing vegetation (Cohiues, lengas, arrayanes.etc) and animals (Huemul, puma, pudú, condor,etc) in the west.

Beside the south coast of Nahuel Huapi lake is San Carlos de Bariloche, a busy commercial and touristy city, build in mountain style architecture, and with all sevices for tourists. On the other side of the lake is Villa la Angostura, a beautiful and typical mountain village.

Puma at Nahuel Huapí National Park

Halconcito Colorado

Ventisquero Negro - Cerro Tronador

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