Lanín National Park

The Beauty of Lanin Volcano

Location: it is located in the southeast of Neuquen province. Lanin National Park belongs to the forest, patagonic steppe and “Altos Andes” eco-regions.

Surface: It occupies 412.000 hectares.

Created: It was created in 1937 in order to preserve a representative sector of the northandinenan-patagonic forest that houses representative specimen from this region like “pehuen”, “rauli” and “roble pellin” –which in Argentina there are only in a short area of the “neuquina” mountain chain.

Plants: lenga, caña colihue, pehuen, muichay, espino negro, roble pellin, raulí.

Animals: chucao, huet-huet, pellegrino hawk, aguila mora, aguilucho comun, pudu, huillin, pato de los torrentes, pato zambullidor grande, pato de anteojos, huala, maca, pato creston, pato vapor volador, macacitos, martin pescador, gallereta ligas rojas.

Characteristics:The Park took its name from the Lanin volcano, whose cone covered by permanent snow overpasses 1.500 meters the other peeks of the zone, dominating the mountain's landscape from any angle. Its beautiful geography has also 24 lakes with glacier origin.

. In the north of the park the Pehuenes (Araucaria Araucana) cover the mountains with their special shape and colour. To the south numerous rivers and navigable blue lakes, give the opportunity for fishing and enjoying the deep forests. This is one of the best tourist regions in the country.



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