Laguna de los Pozuelos

Andean Flamingo at Laguna de los Pozuelos

Location: is located in the north of Jujuy province.

Surface: 15.000 hectares.

Created: 1981.

Animals: flamenco austral, parina grande, parina chica (two diferente types of flamenco of this aera), ducks as the one called maicero, barcino y puna, gallareta andina, gallareta gigante, chorlito serrano, chorlito de binca, tero serrano ovaceta andina.

MN Laguna de los Pozuelos (Laguna de los Pozuelos Natural Monument) protects the small lake´s aquatic fauna.

This natural monument protects the small lake called “Laguna de los Pozuelos”. Due its importance as a bird habitat, this place was included in the “List of the Most Important Wetlands of the World” –known as “Ramsar Sites”- designed by the different countries according to ecological, botanical, zoological and hydrological criterion.

The small lake has a fluctuating 15.000 hectare surface. Between 1990 and 1995 the small lake suffered a continuous reduction. In the drier periods it had a 100 hectare surface. It is located 3600 metres over the sea level. And it is bordering by mountainous cordons.

Laguna de los Pozuelos

Grey Hawk

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