Laguna Blanca National Park

Black Neck Swan

Location: It is located in the northwest of Neuquén province and houses –in a volcanic landscape- a lot of different forms of aquatic and terrestrial life.

Surface: It has a has a 1.700 hectare surface.

Created: It was was created in 1940 in order to protect one of the most important places where lives the black neck swan.

Vegetation: matas, neneo, and molle.

Animals: black neck swan, gallaretas, ducks, chorlos, flamencos, playeros, macáes plateados, patagonic aquatic frogs, pumas, foxes, choiques, piches and condors.

Characteristics: PN Laguna Blanca (Laguna Blanca National Park) protects the Laguna Blanca, one of the most important lakes of the patagonic steppe that house different forms of aquatic life.

The protected area belongs to the patagonic steppe eco-region.

The particular characteristic of the region is the small lake located between small slope hills. It is surrounded by abrupt walls. The Laguna Blanca is located 1.270 meter over the sea level, and has a 1.700 hectare surface. It has a 10 meter depth and receives water from two brooks: the “Llano Blanco” and the ”Pichi-Ñireco”.

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