Lago Puelo National Park

Paddling in Puelo Lake

Location: It is located in the northwest of Chubut province.

Surface: It has a 27.674 hectare surface.

Created: Lago Puelo National Park was created as a Los Alerces National Park annexe. In 1971 it was declared National Park and independent reserve.

Vegetation: viola, frutillas, cohiue, radal, cipres,lenga y tepu.

Animals: pumas, gatos, carpintero de cabeza roja, churrinche plumiso, zorzal patagónico, huiñe, pudú pudú ( Pudu are miniature deer. In fact, they are the smallest members of the deer family. They have stout bodies covered with long, coarse, reddish-brown fur; short legs; and broad, rounded heads with small eyes and ears. They can be as tall as 17 inches high and they weigh between 13 to 29 lb.).

Characteristics: PN Lago Puelo (Lago Puelo National Park) was created in order to protect its wonderful landscape and the valdiviana flora.

The protected area belongs to the patagonic forest and steppes, and High Andes eco-regions. The climate is cod and wet, and there are snowfalls in winter.

PN Lago Puelo (Lago Puelo National Park) protects a wonderful landscape, and the valdiviana flora. In the National Park, which is located in the lower valley of the North Patagonia, there is a mountainous relief that determines the national park´s biodiversity.

Pudú Pudú

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