Iguazú Waterfalls

Iguazú Waterfalls are part of Iguazú National Park in Argentina.

Geographic Description: From its source in the Serra do Mar, not far from the Atlantic coast, the Rio Iguazu (or Iguassu) flows westward for about 820 miles across southern Brazil. Gathering tributaries, the river grows steadily in volume as it meanders across the uplands of the Parana Plateau. Step by step it makes its way toward sea level, tumbling over some 70 waterFalls that interrupt its course.

But the river takes its grandest leap just a short distance above its confluence with the Parana, where the Iguazu forms a boundary between Argentina and Brazil. Plunging at last off the edge of the plateau, the river thunders down in what one observer likened to the "awesome spectacle of an ocean pouring into an abyss." The thunderous roaring of the water can be heard from miles away.

Video of Iguazú Falls by UNESCO

360 Degrees Picture of Iguazú 1

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Strung out along the rim of a crescent-shaped cliff about 2.5 miles long is a series of some 275 individual cascades and waterFalls separated by rocky, densely wooded islets. Some of the cascades plummet straight down for 269 feet into the gorge below. Others are interrupted by ledges and send up clouds of mist and spray, creating a dazzling display of rainbows.

The Falls, which would be memorable in any setting, are made all the more beautiful by their lush surroundings. The luxuriant forests are filled with bamboo, palms, and delicate tree ferns. Brilliantly feathered parrots and macaws flit through the foliage, competing for attention with the exotic blooms of wild orchids, begonias, and bromeliads.

The Falls are at their best during the rainy season from November to March. The flow slows down during the rest of the year, sometimes drastically. In May and June of 1978 the Falls dried up completely for 28 days, the first time such a thing had happened since 1934. But, normally, Iguazu is a dependable, ever-changing spectacle throughout the year.

The name Iguazu simply means "great waters" in the local Indian language. According to legend, the great waterfall was created in an outburst of rage by the god of the Iguazu River, who lived in a particularly wild and violent area of the downpour called the Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat). The Falls are close to the point where the Iguazu and the Parana rivers join and the boundaries of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay converge. The countries are linked by two bridges: the Amistad (Friendship) Bridge between Brazil and Paraguay, and the Tancredo Neves Bridge between Brazil and Argentina.

The greatness Iguazú

Iguazú Waterfalls seen from a boat

Devil's Throat

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Traditional walks thought Iguazú Falls:

”Inferior” walk: this walk makes the waterfalls sight possible. You can have panoramic sights from the “Garganta del Diablo” and from brazilian waterfalls; and you can have wonderful approchements to the Bossetti waterfalls. This walk takes two hours. This walk has staircases similar to an eight-storey building.

“Superior Walk”: the high footbridges will take you to the fallen line of different rainfalls. This walk takes an hour. It has not staircases, it does not require a big physical effort.

”Garganta del Diablo” (Devil's Throat): you can get there by the "Cataratas" train, which you must take at the "Garganta del Diablo" Station. There visitors must walk up to big balconies. There you can see the front and the border of the rainfalls. This walk takes two hours. The last train leaves at 16:30. This walk has not staircases.

San Martin Island: you can access to the island by a free admission boats service that leaves from the “Inferior” walk. Access to the highest zone of the island is similar to go up a twelve-storey building.

”Macuco” Path: this is a trekking path. This walk make possible access to a waterfall, which is located in the middle of the jungle. It has a twenty metres high. It is a great opportunity to visit the jungle. You can ask for the Macuco path´s leaflet at the public attention office.

Optional excursions:

Yacaratiá path: offers an interesting approchement to the jungle in.

River excursions in the “Inferior Iguazú ”: with approchement to the rainfalls.

River excursions in the “Inferior Iguazú”

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