Formosa Natural Reserve

Yacare ñato. Habitante la R. N. Formosa

Location: The park is located west of Formosa province. The border with Salta province is at 60 kilometers and the closest town is Ingeniero Juarez.

Surface: 10.000 hectares.

Created: This reserve was founded in 1968 to protect the sample of the western Chaco.

Plants: palo amarillo, algarrobo blanco, mora, palo bolilla, zapallo caspi, palo santo, ucle, cardón, sauce criollo, palo bobo or aliso de río.

Animals: oso hormiguero grande or bandera, “guazuncho” or “corzuela parda”, speaker parrot, charatas, carpinterito de los cardones, "yacaré ñato”, “chajáes”, ducks, herons, bats, “ tatú carreta”, chameleon.

Characteristics: This Natural Reserve belongs to the “dry chaco” eco-region. Its climate is warm, with absolute maximum temperatures in the continent. There are summer rains, which oscillate between 500 and 700 millimeters.

A considerable area of this reserve, in the low inter fluvial, has the only protected sample in the system of National Parks with woods of Palo Santo. This tree has a kind of wood that is much appreciated for its hardness, greenish shade and a beautiful decoration, having been drastically cut down all over its measured distribution.

Guazuncho o Corzuela Parda. Habitante de la R. N. Formosa.

Oso hormiguero grande. Habitante la R. N. Formosa

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