El Rey National Park

El pecarí labiado

La Punilla rivulet - El Rey National Park

Location: The protected area is located in the Anta Department, in Salta province. There are 80 kilometers between the National Park and Salta Capital City.

Surface: 109,124 acres or 44,162 hectares.

Created: created in 1948 to protect a magnificent exponent of the forest landscape of subtropical woods.

Plants: horco quebracho, cochucho, atamisque, cardones, cedro, tarco, tipa, nogal, palo barroso, alpamato, mato, chal- chal, güili, claveles del aire and orchids.

Animals: chuña de patas rojas, charata, pava de monte común, corzuelas pardas, pecaríes, tapires, pecarí labiado, corzuzuela parda, corzuela roja, lobito de río, mayuato, zorro de monte, puma. Los ríos y arroyos están poblados por varios peces nativos como dorados, bogas, bagres y sábalos. En la Laguna de los Patitos, habitan diversas aves acuáticas: la gallareta escudete rojo, la pollona negra, el pato cutirí y el macacito gris.

Characteristics: PN El Rey (El Rey National Park) was created in order to protect a representative sample of "Las Yungas" and transition environments.

The climate is warm, with absolutes temperatures to the continent. The rains oscillates between 500 and 700 millimeters.

The rains, temperatures and humidity vary notably with the height of the mountains. The northeastern winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean release their humidity as they brush against the eastern slopes, nourishing the development of this humid and subtropical jungle. Within Argentinats great biodiversity is comparable only to the Misiones Jungle. It also protects a part of the chaqueño forest, which adds species and interest to its natural potential.

Chuña in El Rey National Park

La Punilla rivulet

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