El Palmar National Park

Sunrise at El Palmar National Park

Location: El Palmar National park is located in the Entre Ríos province, in the west of the Uruguay river, between Colón and Concordia Cities.

Surface: It has a 8.500 hectares surface.

Created: It was created in 1965 in order to protect a representative sample of the biggest “yatay” palm tree concentration of Argentina.

Plants: yatay palm trees, petunias silvestres, chilcas, aromos, ñandubay.

Animals: Pajaros carpinteros, ñandues, inambú or sudamerican, scrubland fox, cotorras, overos lizards, vizcachas.

Characteristics: PN El Palmar (El Palmar National Park) protects the biggest “yatay” palm tree concentration of Argentine Republic.

The protected area is characterized by a plain landscape which is conformed by different environments, such as “palmares”, pastures, “little forests”,“pajonales”, and “bank jungle”.

The protected area belongs to the spinal eco-region. There are some typical communities of the “pastizal pampeano” ant the “paranaense” jungle.

The spinal eco-region is characterized by a plain landscape, with variable lands, and has a changeable weather. The climate is warm and wet in the north, and mild and dry in the southwest.

Originally, the “yatay” palm tree concentration had a big distribution: it was located in Santa Fe, Corrientes and Entre Ríos provinces. Due the farm installation and the excessive shepherding, the “yatay” palm tree concentration was declined.

Yatay Palm Tree

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