Copo National Park

Chancho quimilero in Copo National Park.

Loro hablador

Location: located in the northwest of Santiago del Estero province, in the Copo Department.

Surface: It has a 114.250 hectares surface.

Created: In 1998, by the law number 6.450, the place was declared Provincial Park. In 1998 started the transfer to the national heritage. The initiative was included in the GEF projects.

Plants: quebracho colorado santiagueño.

Animals: yaguareté o tigre, oso hormiguero grande, tatú carreta, chancho quimilero (un raro pecarí descubierto hace pocas décadas), loro hablador.

Characteristics: The Copo National Park belongs to the “dry –chaco” eco-region . The climate is warm, with absolute temperatures for the continent. The rains change between 500 and 700 millimetres.

The protected area has an important forests sector. This place has not suffered a devastating exploitation. The most characteristic tree is the “ quebracho colorado santiagueño”. It is the main specie of the “chaqueña” eco-region.

The “quebracho” has strong wood and tannin. Due this properties the specie suffered a devastating exploitation in other argentinian places.

During a century, “La Forestal” –a wood company- was the main causal of the quebracho Colorado´s decline. Protecting the "quebracho colorado" is a central priority for the Administración de Parques Nacionales.

Tatu carreta in Copo National Park.

Oso hormiguero grande

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