Calilegua National Park

Calilegua National Park

San Lorenzo River at Calilegua National Park

Location: Southeast of Jujuy province. In the Ledesma region.

Surface: 188,587 acres or 76,320 hectares.

Created: It was created in 1979 to save a representative place of Las Yungas. It was created to preserve a representative sector of Las Yungas, which comprises one of the largest environments of bio-diversity in Argentina.

Plants: Most of the PN Calilegua (Calilegua National Park) is covered by the Las Yungas typical herbage.

Animals: yaguaretes, tapirs, river wolves, bats, red acutí, the tuco-tuco yungueño, taruca or huemul from the north, grey deer, toucan, turkey of monte alisera, the real jote, the giant batará, the burgo and several species of hummingbirds and woodpeckers.

Characteristics: For mountain lovers, this National Park gives the opportunity to get up to the peaks Ammarillo and Hermoso by feet. In addition, through a sailing of several days, visitors could go from this region to the Quebrada de Humahuaca.

This is the largest park among those that protect the subtropical high jungle. The steep mountain cordons have summits reaching 9,900 feet or 3,000 meters in height, and the vegetation is breathtaking. The jungle heights climb up to 4,950-5,280 feet (1,500-1,600 meters) and harbor the most varied and exuberant flora and fauna.

Some 260 species of birds live in the park, which represents more than 25% of all birds in the country. It protects seriously endangered species like the jaguar, the ocelot (leopards pardalis) (both felines), the taruga or andean deer or northern huemul (hippocamelus antisensis) and the otter (lontra longicaudis).

Jaguar resting at Calilegua National Park

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