Hernán Salinas

Hernán Salinas

On Saturday 22th. of November of the 2003 while seated at home during the night, I received a SMS in my cellphone including a bad news regading Hernán Salinas. The previous day had, the 44 year old tango singer, died due to a lungs illness.

A great a lost for the Tango world and for those who had the possibility of sharing moments with to him.

From here my tribute and Hernán's memory.

Lizandro Llancafilo.

Goodbye to a Great Singer. Clarín, 22th Nov. 2003

Hernán Salinas - Anoche

Hernán Salinas, Argentine tango singer of the school of Carlos Gardel, born in Quitiliti, Chaco Province, one of the most important voices of Argentine tango. His voice of baritone, sometimes sensual, other dramatic, demonstrates his aptitude to adapt to varied forms of sung expressions. To this natural feature, he adds a great dose of talent, study and dedication that allows him to include different facets that tango offers.

In a type of music that require certain maturity , Salinas recorded his first simple as soloist when he was just 20 years old.

He obtained a fast recognition from the public like a great orchestras singer . Thus it was that the maestro Astor Piazzolla invited him in 1987 to participate in the European opening of his Opera Tango " Maria of Buenos Aires ".

He has performed in USA, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. He has also recorded together with Carlos Garcia, Armando Pontier, Osvaldo Pugliese and the Octeto Electrónico " Astor Piazzolla ", directed by the son of the maestro (Daniel). Nowadays he is the stable singer of the Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires, directed by Carlos Garcia and Raúl Garello.

His last great performance was in the city of Oslo - Norway, where he was invited by the Philharmonic Orchestra of this city during the first week of the month of May of 2001, for a cycle of 4 concerts.

Click here to listen to H. Salinas singing with the Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires

Click here to listen to H. Salinas singing in Maria de Buenos Aires of Astor Piazzolla