Fishing en Mar del Plata


In Mar del Plata there is a wide variety of marine species, as well as a wide range of options when it comes to fishing. Whether you prefer fly casting or spinning, trolling or live-bait fishing, you will surely take delight in the charm of the seascape, the impressive city and the mountainous surroundings. These conditions, together with the well-known richness of the Mar Argentino, ensure the enjoyment of fishing in Mar del Plata.


Fishing in Mar del Plata

Fishing from the cost

From Santa Clara del Mar to the cliffs to the south of the city, different coastal formations allow for excellent catches. From the shore, rocks or breakwaters; from the docks or the cliffs, near downtown or on the outskirts of the city, day or night; fishing lovers will find a great variety of fish stock: sea bass, palometas,silversides, panzones, chuchos, dogfish, burriquetas and soles.

Boat Fishing

Excellent facilities are offered for those who have boats: landing docks, dry-sail areas, parking lots and fully-equipped clubs.Those who don’t own a boat can take advantage of half-day trips with fishing guides, reaching the best shoals of fish.

The most productive fishing months as to quality and quantity of the catches are November and December. In Summer, the fishing of the following species stand out: whiting, silverside, sea bream, mackerel, grouper, smooth-hound, anchovy, palometa, etc. Winter is the ideal season for the fishing of pejerreyes escardones and panzones; and at the beginning of July corno or pejerrey de Manila.


Boat Fishing in Mar del Plata


This mode of fishing is carried out in vessels modernly equipped with echo sounder, satellite navigation system and radar. The trips take the whole day and ensure abundant catches in deep fishing waters that can reach between 20 and 30 mts of depth, from which the “Banco Patria” stands out.

In this type of fishing there is no marked difference between seasons. Salmons and chernias reach considerable size and can be caught throughout the year.

March, April and the beginnings of May deserve a special mention. It is in those months that two of the most combative species of this sea can be caught, the amberjacks and the bonitos.


How to reach Mar del Plata:

You can reach the city through various means of transport: there are 3 provincial roads and a highway connecting Mar del Plate and the Capital; a railway station with 29 weekly arrivals; a bus station where tickets are sold by over 50 companies; an airport that operates internationally with 6 airline companies in more than 130 weekly services, and an artificial harbor of deep water that –apart from being crucial to the fishing activity- allows cruise ships to anchor at the northern breakwater.

If you travel from Buenos Aires by car, via routes 11, 88 and 226, or via the modern and safe highway 2, the trip can take an average of four hours. But for those who decide to make the most of time, they can get to the city after a 45-minute flight. The International Airport “Astor Piazzolla” is situated only 10 minutes from downtown Mar del Plata. Three airlines operate with national destinations, with a frequency that increases significantly during the summer season.

Distances to Mar del Plata

City Km City Km
Buenos Aires 404 Catamarca 1.145
Claromecó 303 Córdoba 1.120
Corrientes 1.445 Formosa 1.695
Jujuy 2.114 La Plata 363
Mar de Ajó 190 Mendoza 1.447
Miramar 45 Monte Hermoso 406
Necochea 125 Neuquén 1.012
Paraná 909 Pinamar 134
Posadas 1.434 Rosario 700
Resistencia 1.473 Río Gallegos 2.510
San Bernardo 194 San Luis 1.333
Salta 2017 San Clemente 234
Sta. Clara del Mar 18 San Juan 1.529
Santa Fé 879 Santa Rosa 746
Santa Teresita 217 Stgo. Del Estero 1.549
Tucumán 1.714 Ushuaia 3,101
Viedma 754 Villa Gesell 113

Geographical Position

Mar del Plata is the head of General Pueyrredón District. It is located on the coast of the Argentinian Sea at coordinates 38 º 00' S and 57 º 33' W.

General Pueyrredón District area: 1,453.44 km2 , with a population of 366.6 inhabitants per Km2.

Communal Urban area: 79.48 km2 (7948 ha.)

District Boundaries

NE: District of Mar Chiquita

SW: District of General Alvarado

SE: Argentinian Sea

NW: District of Balcarce

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