Domuyo Legend

A machi -mapuche sorcerer- heard from Ngenechén -Mapuches God- that at the top of Domuyo Peak lay an enchanted gorgeous young lady, guarded by a red bull and a dark horse. The bull, embodying a sinister spirit, hurled stones at those who dared to approach, while the horse unleashed winds and storms. The young lady had gone up the mountain looking for gold –since it is believed that there is a golden log there- but was enchanted by the Gods of the Mountain. On hearing that story, a courageous cacique (indigenous leader) decided to climb the mountain, break the spell and rescue the girl. But as soon as he stepped on the sacred slopes of Domuyo, a hail of resonant stones fell on him. Legend has it that when bigger boulders threatened to fall on him, he was saved by Hualichi’s protection -whom he had invoked- and Ngenechén, who gave his consent. Though stones rained down every step of the way, he managed to figure a dark horse up high, and behind him there were winds and storm. The snow and the strong icy wind blasts prevented him from going on, so he knelt down and ask Ngenechén for help. The storm stopped immediately. He walked up a trail until he found a lagoon of pristine waters, where he heard a voice whispering:

- Shut up and come in…

Sunset at Domuyo - Photo:

As he turned around his eyes met the beautiful young lady, who was sitting on a golden rock. He tried to take the girl by the arm to rescue her, but the red bull sprang up, ready to attack. Faced with such a fierce rival, he decided to move on. All the trails next to the lagoon were full of stones that shone with a dazzling glow… He meditated for a while, until he decided to take a piece of gold before going back to his town. No sooner had he touched the gold than a hail of stones fell on his head, leaving him unconscious as he heard voices around him, cursing and laughing diabolically… When he regained consciousness, an old man showed up and said:

- This is the way. Go back to yours and say nothing. If you reveal the secret of what you saw, you will die…

But the cacique, bravely enough, gave it away to his people, who organized an expedition having the cacique as a guide. It was not possible. Three days later, the cacique died advising them not to climb the haunted mountain. Three days after his death, it was their turn: all the people involved in the organized expedition died.

Since then, no one else has ever dared to climb the sacred Domuyo

The majesty lanscape of Domuyo - Photo:

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