Exports to Argentina increased dramatically between 1990and 1995, following the liberalization of import regulations in 1989. In 1996 they continued to grow, up to US$ 23.8 billion. 1997 imports into Argentina are forecast at US$ 25.5 billion.

The economic reorganization plan decreed by the Menem administration called for a general modernization of domestic industry, led by the need to upgrade the newly privatized firms operating in core sectors of the economy. The elimination of most restrictions on imports was not only a key provision of the overall plan to open up the economy, but also a necessary precondition to acquiring the capital goods required to implement the revitalization of industry.

During that time, all important import categories grew significantly. 

Since 1994 demand for imported goods has slowed following the initial boom period, but a demand continues to exist across the board for capital, intermediate, and consumer goods. In addition, even when domestic industries are filling most of the current demand in their particular markets, they are increasingly relying on imported materials and additional markets for foreign suppliers. And the demand for capitalgoods will continue to be greater than their ability to produce them for some time.

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