Two features define this distinguished golf course. It is the first to have been built inside a country club in the province of Córdoba. And, it is worth mentioning, Las Delicias is not just another country club. There one can find the most stately houses, surrounded by delightful gardens. This golf course, situated on the road to La Calera, 20 minutes from the centre of Córdoba city, has a natural uneven terrain and fairly difficult greens covered with "tifway" grass.

It is the only long one, its par being 71, and the golf players are compelled to hit the ball as accurately as possible. The modern design is similar to that of the American golf courses, with bunkers, cross-bunkers, two lakes and several side streets (out-of-bounds). Despite the fact of being less than ten years old, it has been considered a very prestigious golf course from the very first day.


Holes: 18
Par: 71
Yards: 6.798
Men Differentials: 73.6
Ladies Differentials: 73.5

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