At the foot of the Sierras Chicas, Villa Allende's Córdoba Golf Club offers excellent conditions to practice the sport and an ideal atmosphere to meet friends. This golf course was designed more than 80 years ago, by an entrepreneur group determined to create a space for golf near the great city. That vision made it possible that today and only 20 kilometres from the centre of the capital of Córdoba there lies a traditional English-style golf course, ranked as one of the best in the country.

Due to its location near the hills, the course boasts both beauty and a special topography determined by a marked uneven terrain, forcing the player to strike a variety of shots from different perspectives. Córdoba Golf Club's course plays host to the most important pro and amateur tournament of the interior of the country. Though it appears to be easy, this par 72 course presents natural hazards, such as an imposing group of trees and a lake, located precisely on the 18th hole.

As regards greens (U.S.G.A. standard), they have been sown with "agrostis", a grass used almost exclusively in the world's best golf courses, whereas the fairways are covered with "bermuda".

Besides the technical advantages, in any time of the year the place offers a beautiful landscape with a perfect view from the clubhouse. It is the ideal excuse to meet other fans of this sport who, after having completed their round of golf, gather there to share the taste of this passion.


Holes: 18

Par: 72

Yards: 6.794

Men Differentials: 72

Ladies Differentials: 73.2

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