Ascochinga Golf Club

The ancient trees and the constant undulations of the terrain, typical of Ascochinga area, are characteristics of this par 72 golf course, located 60 kilometres from the capital of Córdoba.

Of its 18 holes, nine belong to the first English-style layout, while the remaining nine were built seven years ago, so this has turned it into a "partially modern" one, incorporated to the traditional outline. That particular mixture is associated with the rich history of these lands, which have been changing hands along the years. Ascochinga is a region of traditional families, full of noble anecdotes and history, which makes it very interesting for cultural tourism.

On the course ground there is a combination of "bermuda" grass, which covers the fairways - fairly narrow, by the way - and "tifway" grass in the greens. A distinctive quality of the latter is the degree of difficulty they present, caused by the slopes and the location of the hazards. However, these hazards, due to their natural beauty, are also worth seeing since they are a real delight, turning the game into a very pleasant experience. The fact is that Ascochinga, besides its historic richness, provides a charming green surrounding, ideal for outdoor activities and for contemplation.


Holes: 18
Par: 72
Yards: 6.395
Men Differentials: 70.6
Ladies Differentials: 70.9

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