Anibal Troilo was born in 1914. He played bandoneón in the sextet of Vardaro-Pugliese, and in the bands of Ciriaco Ortiz, Julio De Caro, Angel D´Agostino, Enrique Santos Discépolo, and others, before forming his own orchestra in 1937. In the 1940s he was a hugely influential figure and gradually created what became known as "The Troilo Sound"- a distinctive, rich, clean sound that skillfully alternated or juxtaposed staccato and legato figures. He was known as a great bandleader, composer and brilliant bandoneonist who supported and inspired many other musicians and arrangers (including Astor Piazzolla, who played in his orchestra).

He had a prolific studio recording career with the Odeon, T.K and Victor labels. Troilo died in 1975. "Quejas de Bandoneón" is a piece often favoured by tango stage dancers for its complexity; in particular its mixture of lyrical beauty and rapid, virtuoso ending. 

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