Located in the historical district of San Telmo, El Viejo Almacén was there before tango was born. Time went by, tango became popular, the city was modernized, the name of El Viejo Almacén spread throughout the world, and today it is known in every language.

The Show
The notes of a saucy bandoneón rip the semidarkness open. For some instants, the sound seems to call on the old regulars of the general store. The clink of glasses in a toast brings to mind the stealthy clash of the facones (gullies) in the Balcarce and Independencia corner. The stage lights up, but echoes of other century remain. The chords of a tango orchestra scatter among the tables. Dancers pivot in a conspiratorial hug. At El Viejo Almacén night-time has begun.

The true thing is that two centuries later the place keeps its charms, and invites you to enjoy a night to remember. At El Viejo Almacén, you can be delighted with a traditional tango show and savor diverse dishes. The restaurant’s specialty are the delicious Argentinean meats, although you can choose an international menu if you prefer.


Dinner – Show

(Free additional Tango lesson)
Main dish
Non alcoholic beverages
House wines – Lavaque Wineries

Transfers ( Pick up: 19:30hs – 20:00hs)


Only Show

2 Drinks per person.

( Hotel Pick up: 21:00hs – 21:30hs)