This tour will allow you to trace the roots and the origins of our tango. We will take you through places where the tango has left its mark and where even today you can take pleasure in the music and the dance. We will visit the corners where the great master of tango, Carlos Gardel lived and made his music. We will immerse ourselves in the Buenos Aires tanguero, the Buenos Aires of the arrabal, the china cuartelera and the berretín. The tango is part of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires is part of tango, discover it with us.

Next, we described some of the main points of the Tour.

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Abasto. We will go around the mystique neighbourhood of Abasto. The genesis and roots of tango. We will visit the famous bar “El Progreso” where Carlos Gardel gave his first steps. We will take a picture with the controversial monument of Carlos Gardel, placed in the corner of the street that takes his name. We will walk around the “Fileteado” and “Zelaya” street.

Museum “Casa Carlos Gardel”. We will go on a guide tour in what was the last house of Carlos Gardel; which he had bought to live in with his mother Bertha Gardes. This house is today a museum and it has valuable material about the history and evolution of tango, in general, and Carlos Gardel, in particular.

Mausoleum of Carlos Gardel at the cemetery of “Chacarita”. We will enter to the Chacarita cemetery where we will visit the mausoleum of Carlos Gardel. We will also have the opportunity to see the mausoleums of some of the most outstanding celebrities of tango: the best bandoneonist “porteño”, Anibal Troilo and the great compositor Agustín Magaldi.

La Ideal. We will visit this legendary coffee shop porteño. We will enjoy a drink while we delight ourselves watching the porteños dancing their tango. If you feel like dancing tango, there you can take your chance.

World museum of Tango. We will go on a guide tour around this museum where we will enjoy a great variety of items linked to tango. The evolution of this dance, through the different periods, it will be embodied in the objects and photos that we will find here.

Tortoni. We will finish our tour at one of the most emblematic coffee shop of the history of Buenos Aires which is as well the history of tango: “Café Tortoni”.

And much more...


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