Tango Palace, is a unique, original and different proposal located in a foundational place within the History of Tango: Palermo. Sheltered in an emblematic Buenos Aires: the Frers Pavilion; built for the celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary, the building evokes glorious and golden years for Argentina. An outstanding architecture process, light, stage and visual resources, captures the attention of the visitor from the very first moment.

BUENOS AIRES’ STREET (Callecita Porteña)
A unique place. An unforgettable experience When entering TANGO PALACE, an original surprise captures the audience and suggests an unforgettable experience: letting themselves be taken into the inside of an artistic postcard of Buenos Aires. A little street in Buenos Aires, which in a few meters, represents the main urban, architecture and style typologies of the city. A symbol of a style and building fashions conglomerate which portrait the customs, desires and paradigms of a city that blossomed in a very short time.

Buenos Aires Expreience:
A magic tour around the Silver Queen (“La Reina del Plata”) An imaginary trip through time and space, along the unique and moving views of Buenos Aires. A magic tour around the Silver Queen (“La Reina del Plata”), guided by the lyrics and music which evoke an urban view of Buenos Aires or describe the places and circumstances of its legendary geography. In some few minutes, you will catch a glimpse of places and events that not any traveler will know or enjoy with this intensity. A moving audiovisual show filled with images and feelings where impressive images were captured by 7 cameras, on a 360° Omni vision system, together with a powerful music and effects soundtrack Surround 5.1. To synthesize: a peculiar visual and sound experience, unique in Latin America, projected on a huge surround screen of 140 square meters.

BUENOS AIRES IMAGES MUSEUM (Museo de la Imagen Porteña)
Reflections of Buenos Aires and its people. Thematic Expositions Room Photographic Images that reflect: Outstanding places, outstanding facts, Unforgettable events and characters, The most curious and surprising shades of Buenos Aires, its inhabitants and its music.

A show up to the level of the great World musicals. Eternamente Tango is a show to enjoy with the 5 senses. Tango as no one has ever shown it before, it´s a musical with poetic, moving, amusing, unexpected edgings. Art and technology combining the most varied resources: Qualified artists, great live musicians and singers and eminent dancers. You will listen to unforgettable songs and suggestive choreographies that retell visually emotional stories. Musical Comedy theatre techniques combined with light and projection stage tricks. Three stages displaying simultaneously a series of scenes and images that constitute a great impact and refined esthetic show. Besides, “Tango Palace” offers a high quality gastronomic proposal, which combines international cuisine and the most traditional dishes of Argentina.